Boys Will Be Boys

I get asked often, “how are the boys?”  My answer seems to always be the same.  I reply “Crazy!”  The things these 2 toddlers do throughout the day, is just that, crazy.  I don’t think I have alien toddler boys (I could be wrong) but I often wonder, if they are normal, is this how every toddler boy behaves?  I see friends of mine who also have boys and they seem pretty mello.  Is it my “crazy gene” that is making them this way?

I often wonder (and seriously I might add) does Prince George act this way? PG

I mean my kids are just plain cuckoo!






On any given day they will toilet-paper the house (inside) from one end to the other. They will find flour, sugar, or powder and destroy.Chris







Their favorite outfits seem to be their birthday suits and they climb on EVERYTHING.


Just yesterday I had to save Travis.  He got his head stuck in the refrigerator.  Yup that’s right, his head was jammed in between one shelf and the drawers below, and he could not get it out himself.  I can’t make this stuff up!

Yesterday we had company over, which included three little girls ages, 5, 4, and 3.  They enjoyed swimming and sat for an extremely long time just playing with a dollhouse and dolls that go to it.  I was in awe!  Do children really do this?  Sit still and play?  I have never witnessed this before, I really couldn’t believe it!  While they were busy doing that, Travis (who just turned 3 in July) was doing this…

To be fair, his cousin Elli (my sister’s daughter who is almost 6 years old) was right there with him doing this.  That again leads me to believe it is a “crazy gene” that my family and I pass down.  I love adventure!  I’ve gone white water rafting, skydiving, and love any roller coaster known to man.  My husband is just the opposite.  He can’t handle this kind of stuff anymore.

These boys are surely keeping us young.  We need to be on high alert at all times.  Also prepared with ice packs, band-aids, and Motrin.

As mom, all of this craziness however does make me worry of ER trips to come, trouble the boys could get into, and their overall well being.  I would rather have them have no fear, I guess, rather than fear everything.  I want them to be secure in their own abilities, and realize they are capable of anything (well almost anything)!

“Boys Will Be Boys”




  1. I raised one son who has now blessed us with two grandsons. Trust me when I say, Beth, your boys are normal! The crazy antics all of these boys have gotten into makes me alternate between terror and hysteria! And our little grandsons’ favorite outfit is their underwear. Haha!


  2. Haha – my little girls are pretty crazy too! But they do the quiet play as well. Most people who work with children do say that in general terms, with exceptions, boys are more physical in how they play and interact, and girls more verbal.


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