Birthday Bash

Birthdays were always a big deal in my house growing up.  My mother would always plan a great party and I would have lots of friends and family celebrate.  I still love celebrating my birthday, even if I will be turning the BIG 4-0 this coming February.  Anyone that knows me, knows, I celebrate the whole month as my birthday month.  It’s the shortest month of the year, so why not!

My husband is a completely different story.  Today 8/11 is his birthday, which I had to remind him of last week.  His birthday is just another day to him.  I feel, a birthday should be celebrated, and a person should feel extra special on their big day.  I will always be sure to have the boys feel their birthday is important, special, and will always make it a big deal!

This past weekend we had a big party for Travis’s 3rd birthday.  We rented a waterslidebday5 and had cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, and hot dog machines running all day.  Plus tons of food, cake, and of course ice cream.  I can’t forget to mention a pretty well stocked bar as well!  Which is a necessity for every parent I know!  Sno-cones with some flavored vodka is a delicious treat.  We probably had about 60-75 people come to enjoy the day with Travis.

The theme of the party was Paw Patrol (duh, obviously).

His bday4cake was AMAZING which I would never attempt to make myself!  I have zero cake decorating skills, I leave that to the professionals.  For the favors, we had the kids “rescue a pet”.  I bought Beanie-Boos as the pets.  This seemed to be a big hit with the little ones.

John’s family carries on a tradition that the birthday boy/girl, man/woman, gets     “frosting-ized” by other family members.  Travis definitely got his fair share of frosting this year!  It is a cute tradition which all of the kids (who some are in their 20’s now) still love.bday6


We had beautiful, hot & humid weather that day, but the thunderstorms that were predicted, missed us.  The day was a success!  Measured by how exhausted every kid was when they left.  I’m sure despite all of the sugar, they slept well that night.

In 2 weeks we will be celebrating Domenic’s 14th birthday, and in 2 months Christopher’s 2nd birthday.  I will have a 2 year old and 3 year old in the house at the same time.  I will surely have a blog post settling the age old debate of; are 2 year olds or 3 years olds more challenging?  I feel I already know the answer, but to be fair, I will wait until it is official.

A shout out to my husband, and his sister, who are 3 years apart (I will not disclose who is older)… Happy Birthday to you both!


  1. What a wonderful birthday for your son! that cake is so awesome!

    I’m more like your husband – birthdays are just another day to me. My husband’s birthday is 2 weeks before mine, so on one of the inbetween weekends we try to go out to a really nice dinner to celebrate both our birthday.


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