The Toddler Olympics

In any given day there is a wonderful combination of winter and summer olympics going on in our house.  Toddler Olympics!

  • Hurling:  The usual equipment such as a ball, net, and sticks are not requiredgreen-sick-kid for toddler hurling.  We only use one’s body, and hopefully a potty.



  • Boxing, Taekwondo & Judo: Generally used between the 2 toddlers in our home, one trying a steal the others food, drink, or toy.


  • Trampoline: First I have to admit, I had no idea there was an event for the trampoline… However in our house, no trampoline is needed, the only requirement is that the jump is high enough to break a bone, and/or break whatever you are jumping onto (including the other toddler).mom


  • Triathlon: Any average toddler does about 4 of these a day, and you’ll feel like you have done a few yourself.
    You better eat your Wheaties!


  • Skeleton: A sport in which a participant will ride head first on a sled face down.  Well give any toddler a laundry basket, cardboard box, or cookie sheet and see what they can do.  *Caution* Watch out for any stairs, toddlers love doing this on stairs!


  • Curling: This is what my toddlers do when I sing that famous clean up song.  Clean up, clean up…  Watch how all of the toys get strategically placed throughout your toysfloors.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Never put where they belong, just where you will step on them in the middle of the night.                                                                               Ouch…Son of a B!!!!!!!




  • Swimming & Diving: My boys will swim (or try) in anything that has water, a pool, lake, the tub, sink, washing machine, and the toilet.
     They can also perform amazing dives on or off anything in the house.  They also dive into the garbage to take out anything that looks edible or like something they can play with.  They also dive right into the refrigerator for any snack they can get their little hands on.  Their favorite snacks seem to be semi-liquid and make the biggest messes.  They also dive into their diapers.  Yup they just dive right in and scoop whatever is in there and then present it to anyone willing to look.  To them, it is like a proud show & tell moment.
  • Gymnastics: This is every toddler’s favorite!  Tumbling, jumping, rolling, hanging, swinging, flipping…

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