Advice, The Kind You Never Ask For…

Getting pregnant advice, parenting advice, discipline advice… It seems there are many experts when it comes to all of this.  I’ve heard so many: “Well maybe you should try to do it this way” or “If it were me I would…” or “well in my opinion…”  Guess what, last time I checked I wasn’t asking for your opinion.  Like the old cliché goes, opinions are like A$*H@les, everyone has one.

One of the best things I have heard as a “new mom” was how I (and a co-worker of mine) should have started potty-training my children at 4 months old.  Yes 4 months.  I laughed out loud at her thinking she was joking.  Nope she was dead serious.  She then explained how she put her children on the potty at that age and would just make a ssssshhhhhhh noise and they would start going pee-pee and then would be trained at a very early age.

I am pretty sure we have all relied on our family and friends along the way for tips and advice.  This is not the kind of advice I’m talking about in this blog (however I know some of you may have experienced this as well).  It is the strangers who want to say the most inappropriate things.  Or the person who just didn’t seem to think before blurting something out.

I would love for everyone to comment in this blog two things…

  1. What was the most outrageous, ridiculous, bit of advice you have received?
  2. What was the best advice you ever received or would like to share?


I would really like to hear from all of you!  This could be really interesting and also funny!  So please, comment away…





  1. I noticed lots of unwanted MIL advice in previous comments, but here’s mine: My MIL told me that by breastfeeding my daughter, I was being selfish as nobody else could feed her.
    And the best advice I was given was to do whatever I felt was right for my baby and family. That came from my mom! ❤️


  2. Best advice: They will completely change on you after divorce be ready…….TRUE
    Worst advice: Pick any 1000 sure fire gambling tips I’ve gotten at the race track that went on to becoming landfill fodder!


  3. Oh My! Love hearing the bizarre but well meaning “advice” they’ve received! I loved going home to be with my family but truly dreaded the amount of comments I got on everything I was “doing wrong.” I bit my tongue till it bled!


  4. Oh geez, where do I begin?! Between my mom and my mother-in-law I’ve heard a lot of bad/unwanted advice. My mom told me when I was pregnant with my first, not to lift my arms above my head because it would cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the babies neck. My mother-in-law wanted me to get an epidural with my oldest son so she could be in the room with me during labor. I didn’t want her in there, for a bunch of reasons lol, but I told her that I was going for a non-medicated birth and so there was a good chance that I would be in various states of undress. She wasn’t invited to the hospital until after he was born and I was out of surgery (I had to have an emergency D&C, I lost over half my blood after birth and they thought I still had placenta attached). So, then while I was trying to breastfeed, she just goes and grabs my boob and tries to shove it in my sons mouth!! There is more, but those are the most outrageous ones I can think of at the moment.

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  5. To be honest, most ridiculous advice is probably pretty much anything my ex-partner’s mother ever said! I’ve heard of people who believe in using the potty for little babies. It seems ridiculous to me. It’s not actually training them. They don’t know when they need to go – it is just you using a potty rather than a nappy for them!

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  6. The worst was when my mother-in-law advised me to put a hat on my baby for warmth no matter how hot it was outside to prevent ear infections. And the best was my pediatrician who advised that I move the baby into his own room after he was a month old.


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