Kidoland App

My boys and I do not spend much time using our phones, iPads, or electronics too much for apps, however I was given the opportunity to review the app called Kidoland.

The app has so many features that the boys (and I) love.  It is perfect for children ages 2-5.  It has things like; nursery rhymes, ABC songs, Phonics, Numbers, Animal Kingdom, Fruits & Vegetables, Shapes, Months & Days, and much more.

Travis loves the Christmas song section.  He gets to see and sing with Santa anytime he wants.

The colors are bright and the images/videos are vivid and adorable.  It is extremely educational and fun at the same time.  I will usually give them each a little time to use it before bed.  I try to play them the lullabies that are on the app, but they get the hint it is almost bedtime and ask to see the animals or Santa.

I have also used it while out in a restaurant (which I swore I would NEVER do) to get a little peace during our dinner out, while we were away on vacation.  They were acting like hellions, I put the app on and my husband and I actually got to eat our dinner.

We love it and would highly recommend it to families with small children!

My boys actually get along while it is on 🙂




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