Toddler Birthday Party Fun

Travis turned 3 this week.  A friend of ours, daughter, also had her 3rd birthday this week.  They attend the same daycare so we thought let’s have a birthday party together for their friends from “school”, so that’s what we did.

Since it is July and everyone is always so busy I figured let’s have it on a Thursday night, right after work.  Again since it is July and it is HOT, I immediately thought of ice cream/frozen yogurt.  There is this very cool place in Coventry where you can have a pizza & frozen yogurt party.  We booked our party at Honey Cone Frozen Yogurt & Depetrillo’s Pizza.

Travis and his friend “P”, and about 12 kids from school (and parents) came and celebrated with us.  It was great!  Each child got to make their own pizza, with whatever they like on it.  The kids were having fun doing this.  There was also a bit of taste testing going on.


The kids were running all around, dancing and singing, to the kids station they had playing for us, on Pandora.  It was adorable!  The parents seemed to be pretty content as well because the kids were pretty much contained to one area.  When you have a toddler it is no fun running in 50 different directions.

The room was extremely clean, bright and colorful. party2

It is very decorative and fun for all ages!

The staff really helped with activities and keeping the kids having fun.  Once the pizza was served and everyone ate (which we ordered the Depetrillo’s square pizzas for everyone as well, so yummy) it was cake time.  The kids gathered around, sang happy birthday, got their cake and then it was frozen yogurt time.  This was the part that got the kids most excited.  Honey Cone had a bunch of different flavors of frozen yogurt, but more importantly, delicious toppings.  I saw the kids topping their ice cream with M&M’s, Oreos, jelly beans, Reese’s peanut butter cups, jimmies, all kinds of fresh fruit, and whip cream.  Their eyes were definitely bigger than their tummies.  I would say it was a huge success.  Many of the parents didn’t know about Honey Cone until they got the birthday invitation.  Well for the parents and kids alike it made a very big impression.  One of the best parts, from start to finish it was only about 2 hours long.  We all got home just in time for the boys bedtime.  No cooking dinner that night, no cleaning up, and they were pooped from all the playing and dancing!  Win, win!

I highly recommend having your next party/get together there.  Well worth the money!  You can email them for more info:

Also be sure to check them out on Facebook, I provided the links above!

Happy FroYo-ing  🙂


  1. This sounds lovely! I did pizza making with my eldest toddler at a restaurant & she enjoyed it. Like the week day after work idea too – good solution to busy schedules!


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