Shark provided me with their Shark Powered Speed Lift Away vacuum.  In return, a review of my own opinions, not swayed by any outside sources.

To say I was excited when I saw this package delivered is an understatement.  About 6-7 years ago the vacuum that I had been using for just a year or so had died.  I took a poll amongst my Facebook friends to see which vacuum they all liked best.  I was tired of spending $250.00 +/- and having my vacuum die after only a year or so.

I was thinking I might try that other brand… That’s until overwhelmingly the Shark won the poll amongst my friends.  I was thrilled too, because it is a fraction of the cost.

So I purchased my first Shark.  A bag-less upright and it has the lift-away component also.  This vacuum works awesome.  We have a dog that sheds like crazy and worked great picking up all of his hair.  I thought I knew all about serious messes, but then, my two little guys were born.  They can create dirty, disgusting messes that I couldn’t haven’t ever dreamed possible.  The other issue was my wood and tile floors.  I wanted them clean (because the boys would be crawling all over them) but not loaded with a bunch of chemicals.  So then I bought the Shark steam mop.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!  It cleans amazingly and dries really fast.  The pads are machine washable so you are not constantly buying new ones.

So you might be thinking, then why were you so excited to get a new vacuum if you already love the ones you have…

The Shark I already owned still works great, never any suction issues, picks up more dirt then I care to admit.  However my husband, my dear sweet husband, decided it worked better than the “shop vac” we have, and decided to use it cleaning up after some construction we did to the house.  He used it to pick up old carpet pieces, sheet-rock debris, nails, and saw dust.  It worked, it never quit, and still works.  However now I want that older Shark vacuum to be our go to, for big projects and keep the new one for the “regular” house cleaning.

This Shark is very light weight.  There are great attachments for wood floors and under tight spaces.  It picked up a lot of dirt, I don’t even understand how much dirt can sneak into a home.  It’s also pretty quiet.  The power it has, is surprising, given it’s compact size.  It has an extremely long power cord as well as a long reach for higher, harder to reach areas.  I did find one problem with the new vacuum… My boys will not stop fighting over who’s turn it is to use it.  Vacuuming is seriously their favorite thing to do.  Now let’s see if that will last until they are 13!











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  1. Not aware of Shark, Oh man… You will NOT be disappointed in this brand. I am loyal to the Shark brand! I do have a steam mop (a Shark), I love it. All you need is water, no cleaners with chemicals, and the heat/steam do an AMAZING job cleaning up big & little messes. It also dries super fast which is great, because otherwise I would have a bunch of tiny footprints all over!

    I have heard, Shark is coming out with a new model of the steam mop in a few months, I will be getting it, for sure! When I do, I will follow up with a review for you!


  2. I need to try this. We have two dogs, two cats and tons of hair everywhere! And I’ve burned out so many vacuums. Did you try the steam mop? Would love to hear how that was. Thank you for turning me on to this brand I wasn’t aware of.

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