Sesame Place & Residence Inn, Langhorne


I was invited as a special guest to visit Sesame Place, and also to stay at the Residence Inn (by Marriott Langhorne PA).  I have been very excited about this trip and to be able to blog about it.

We arrived at the Residence Inn about 6pm on Wednesday June 15th.  It was a very long ride from RI.  What should have only taken 4 +/- hours took us 9 (which included a 45 minute stop for lunch).  The traffic on 95 south was awful.  I was amazed how great all of the kids did on the ride.  I should mention I brought my friend Jessica and her 2 girls (their ages are almost 6 and 4) plus my two guys (almost 3 and 20 months).  There were some “Are we there yets?” as well as mini sibling fights, however all in all they were really great!

Our original plan was to hit the park for a half day when we arrived and then a full day the next day, but because we arrived so late, we had to change our plans.  We decided to just hang at the hotel and use their indoor pool.  Travis and Miss S were like little fish, there was no getting them out of the pool.  Christopher thought it was a little too cold and just wasn’t that into it.  He was having more fun just throwing the toys and floats into the water to watch them float.  Miss A was tired, and just wanted to relax on one of the pool side chairs.

We ordered delivery for dinner, ate in our room, then went to bed.  We wanted as much rest as we could get before the big visit to “Elmo’s House” the next day.

The next morning we got up pretty early and went down to the hotel’s breakfast buffet, which was included in our stay.  The selection was pretty good.  There was cereal, yogurt, toast, muffins, and bagels.  There was also scrambled eggs, sausage patties, home fries, bacon, and the best part, make your own waffles.  They also had fresh fruit, milk, juice, and coffee.  Plenty to choose from and to fuel up on before our big day.

We then got everyone ready and went downstairs to the lobby where they offered a free shuttle to the park.  Which saved us some money on parking.  It was a quick 10 minute or less ride to the park.  Before heading into the park the driver gave us the number to the hotel, so when anyone was ready to head back to the hotel, we just had to call, and he came back to pick us up.  Which was great!

We were amongst the fist to arrive at the park.  The kids were so excited to get in and get going on all of the rides.  This was the first ride they chose, this was Travis’ first time on a ride like this, and he loved every second of it.unnamed[3]







While walking around the park it was easy to find, see, and have your picture taken with many of the characters.  There were NO long lines, or having to pay to meet your favorite characters. Which was AWESOME!



Most rides we could all ride on, however there were a couple that were still a little to big for Travis & Christopher.  The boys got a thrill out of each and every one they went on.  Travis laughed and laughed on so many.  Then he would get off and say “that was soooooo much fun!”

unnamed[2]Sesame12Sesame5There was also this really cool climbing and building area.  I think this may have been Travis’ favorite spot.  He wanted to keep going back to build a “castle”.  A wonderful spot for little ones too because it is a fully gated area with soft building blocks and a few things for climbing through.  Lots of characters painted around the area.  Plenty of benches for parents and care givers to take a rest.



Christopher reaching to try to give a high five.

I probably should have started this blog with this point because it is so important.  The cleanliness of the park…  To me, it was amazingly clean.  The restrooms, bench areas, rides, and all of the walk ways and water park area were super clean.  Just a quick example:  The boys and I were sitting while the girls were going on a ride.  I had just bought the boys a bucket of popcorn (which was not totally ridiculous compared to other parks).  Travis had dropped about 5-10 pieces on the ground.  Within 1 minute someone was there sweeping it up.  Crazy!  I was totally shocked and impressed.  I tried to get an aerial picture so you could see, not the best but you definitely can see it is clean. Sesame2


One of the sitting areas where we took a break and enjoyed some popcorn.

The park also offers shows in their theatre.  Shows run about once every hour, on the hour.  We saw the Elmo and Cookie Monster show about imagination.  It was really cute, just the right length amount of time, and Travis was fascinated by it.  Christopher was so pooped from all of the rides he took a snooze during the show.


The highs of the park were:

  1. Very clean
  2. Plenty of things to do for children ages 2-10.  The water area is great even for older kids.  Younger than 2, just like anywhere else it’s more about pushing them around in the stroller.  My personal opinion is the best age group would be from 3-8, for the amusement rides.
  3. There were no lines when we went.
  4. Plenty of places to grab food, drinks, and snacks.
  5. You can rent strollers there for about $20.00, $15.00 if you reserve online.
  6. Many fun shows for the kids to watch.
  7. Plenty of clean bathrooms and changing areas.
  8. They offer lockers to rent for the day.

The lows of the park were:

  1. Tickets for admission are pretty expensive.  Everyone 2+ pays a full price which is $65.00 at the gate or $55.00 when purchased online.  I know as a family of 5, this would end up being really expensive.
  2. There are not many shaded areas.  Plenty of places to sit and take a break, but few with shade.


Our hotel details:

The hotel is only about 1/4 mile from Sesame Place.  Every room has a kitchenette in it.  A full refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and a 2 burner stove top.  These amenities are awesome to have with small children.  We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite which had 2 queen size beds and a living area which had a pull out sofa.  They also offer 2 bedroom suites as well.

There was an outdoor basketball court, and sitting area with a gas grill that guests were able to use.  There was also an indoor pool and workout room.  Great breakfast daily, which I already mentioned.  The hotel staff was extremely nice, however did seem to be a little short handed.  We had a few requests which took a while (and sometimes multiple requests) to be provided (however they did get provided).  Housekeeping also seemed to be overwhelmed, however once they did get to our room, they did a great job!  All in all, it was a great place to stay.  The mid-week prices seemed to range from $249.00-$320.00 per night.  There are plenty of restaurants and stores in the area, however I would have loved if this hotel had it’s own restaurant/lounge.


Christopher all cozy on the pull out sofa





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