Cozy Phones

I was given this product to test, and in return write a review.

These ADORABLE cozy headphones are so comfy and my kids love them.  We have (I should say had, I’ll explain after) 2 pairs.  Both little green froggy headphones.  My boys didn’t really know what to expect while I was putting them on.  They liked them, but didn’t understand there purpose.  Well then I hooked one set up to my iPhone and played the toddler dance station on Pandora.  Here is a picture of my oldest hearing with them for the first time: IMG_1946

He was amazed!  He loved them!  He started dancing all around the house.  I shared the other pair with his cousins (Travis refused to take his off).

FullSizeRender (10)
He yelled “No, I don’t want to take them off!”


FullSizeRender (9)  They each took a turn listening FullSizeRender (8)to the music.  They thought these were the coolest things ever!  So cool, that my niece asked if she could have a pair.  How could I say no?  The dance recital she put on in my living room while using them, I think I owed them to her.


The website offers many cute designs for kids but also adult friendly ones.  I think these would be great for snow skiing it the winter.  We have a DVD player in our mini-van, I can plug these right into it and the kids can hear Paw Patrol, but I don’t have to. Halleluja!

They will be great for when the cooler weather comes and the boys and I are strolling around in the stroller.  I can hook those up to my iPhone and they can listen to some tunes while walking around.  I will get some use out of them too by listening to some soft relaxing music and just trying to chill out after a long day.


CozyPhones are very reasonably priced and with many styles.  Go check out their site:


FullSizeRender (7)


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