Watch Out Sesame Place – The Giusti’s Are Visiting!

Finally I have made all of our arrangements to go visit Sesame Place

with the boys.  For my own sanity I have not yet told them that we will be visiting “Elmo’s house.”  I’m sure the “are we there yet?” in the 4 hour car ride will be more than enough to put me over the edge.  So for now I will keep this little secret to myself!

We are staying at the Residence Inn – Langhorne PA.

This hotel seems like it is going to be awesome for us.  It has a full kitchenette.  We are staying in a one bedroom suite with two queen beds, that also has a pull out sofa bed.  There is a pool, which will be hard to get the boys out of, I’m sure.  Plus it is only 1/4 mile from the park!

I am going there to blog about Sesame as well as Residence Inn.  Please follow up in a couple of weeks to see how our adventure went.

I am so excited and thankful to Sesame Place and Marriot Hotels for allowing this awesome experience!


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