Water Babies & Safety


The link above (you must watch) is Travis last summer when he just turned 2.

He has no fear of the water, which has its advantages but also disadvantages.  As a mom him having no fear makes my fears multiply.

We live on a pond (which is a really big pond, more like a lake) which is great for the kids all summer long.  It is a great place for swimming, boating, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding and well you get it.  Living here make us extra diligent in teaching the kids about water safety and being on top of them every second.  We explain every time we go near the water that the boys can only be there with a grown up and with their life jackets on.  While the kids are swimming we really LOVE the puddle jumper jackets.

Our favorite because they don’t ride up the boys necks.  http://www.walmart.com/search/?query=puddle%20jumper  You can buy one for around $20.00.

FullSizeRender (9)

All of the kids in the family can not get enough time in the water.  Getting my two little ones to get out and get ready for dinner or bedtime turns into a full blown tantrum.  I love when they spend time swimming.  Not only do they love it but it really tires them out for bedtime.









Here is a list of some of the things I have done as a mom to prepare myself for the boys being around the water:

I have taken a CPR safety course which goes over infant, toddler and adult CPR.

I was a lifeguard in my teenage years.

I have bought many life jackets and puddle jumpers, so there is no excuse to not always have something on the children.  I don’t want to confuse them as to when they should and shouldn’t have their life jackets on.  They ALWAYS need to be on.

I have watched many videos on how to detect if someone is having trouble (drowning) in the water.

Water safety is so important, I can not stress that enough.  Always having an eye on your children is a MUST.  You can never not be paying attention to them, not even for a second.

I have attached these links for you to view if you choose.  They include CPR instruction, and information about dry/secondary drowning.




Families can make the most amazing memories being in and around the water.  I would never want anyone to be afraid.  Just please be well informed and prepared.


  1. I love these water jackets – we own them for our kiddos as well! Always so worried about this; have been teaching everyone to swim and about water safety but even then, we have to be so vigilant whenever around a body of water (and not assume that someone else is watching our children).


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