A Kid Free Vacation???

I am open to all opinions and suggestions here.  I have a BIG birthday coming up in about 9 months.  I have said for a few years now that I would rather not have a party.  

My toes in Mexico before kids!

I would much rather celebrate somewhere warm, tropical, and where I can have a frozen drink (with a fancy umbrella in it, of course) in my hand at 9am and not be judged.  I want crystal blue waters and my toes in the sand.  Not too much to ask when you are turning the big 4-0!  I want to plan where to go, and invite anyone who would like to join us.  Other couples, single friends, or do we add families to that list?

So here is my dilemma; is it possible to go on vacation without your children and without guilt?  Being so young (2 and 3 years old, the 14 year old will be mad, not sad, he isn’t with us) will they be extremely sad to have us gone for that long (maybe 4 nights)?

At first I thought let’s plan a family vacation and then everyone that wanted to join us would still be welcome.  Then my husband said “with the kids?”  I guess that is just the way I thought it would have to be.  He got my wheels turning.  It would be way less money if just the two of us went.  It would be a well deserved break.  It would also be great to just have adult time with some great friends.  However is it okay?  

Is it okay to ask other relatives to come stay at your home, with your children, while you go on vacation?  Will the children be able to handle 5days/4 nights without us?  When you arrive at your vacation destination, do you feel guilty going without them?  Or is it more like WooooHooo let the party begin?  

I am looking for sincere feedback from you, my readers.  Have you done this before?  How did it go?  Any tips on making it easier on the kids if we went?

I would love to go for the break, and to be able to have some alone time with my husband again.  I just wonder if this will become part of my next #badmom series.  LoL!


Please leave your comments below!





  1. My parents came to stay at our house from a Wed- Sun while my husband and I flew to California. I admit, I was a nervous wreck and I always have anxiety leaving them overnight. This was the longest we have left them. Usually it has just been for 2 nights while we go to a wedding or something.
    That being said, once I got there, we had the best time. It was great to fly on a plane and read a book. We walked all over San Francisco and went to some bars. We ate late, slept late, and got much needed couples time which makes for stronger parents when we returned. I missed my babies like crazy but we needed this!
    The kids had a blast with their grandparents! We also do mini vacations with the kids but this is just on a different level.


  2. Ooh interesting. We have a dispute in my house on this. As I don’t think it is something I would want to do, and my parents never did it, so it has always been my assumption that when you have kids you go on family holidays with them. My partner, on the other hand, thinks it is both normal and preferable, as it is what his parents used to do. The kids would stay with relatives (separately, due to being a bit of a handful to take all 4 I think!) I don’t think there is really a right answer, I think it depends what suits you and your family. As I said, I wouldn’t really like it, actually, as I would miss the kids too much. But then, I don’t drink or anything like that, and so the kids being there wouldn’t massively change the type of holiday I would have. Perhaps that makes a difference. Whether it would upset the kids I think probably depends on what they are used to – how much time they spend being cared for by family/seeing family, etc. We don’t live near any family, so I think it would be a pretty big upheaval for ours to suddenly find we had gone away, as they aren’t used to seeing other people that often or without us. My childhood was the same – we didn’t live near family & weren’t hugely familiar with staying with other people. My partner was in a military family – they moved a lot, spent periods of time living with relatives & went to boarding school, so I think it probably wasn’t a huge adjustment for them. Plenty of people do have adult holidays, don’t they? So if you’d enjoy it, I’m sure it will be fine & go for it!


  3. I would say a cruise you can’t go wrong you can relax someone cooks for you all week and get the drink pkg and just have a blast plus you can stop at two or three islands. Yeah, leaving the kids behind I agree I would feel a bit guilty but life is too short you deserve some much needed me time. Go book it and enjoy as long as you have someone willing to care for your children go for it.

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