Hooray For Monday

Who says that?  Well after the weekend I had, I do.  The last 48 hours have been bat shit crazy, per usual.  My house, kids, husband, just everything and everyone is crazy all weekend long.  There is never a dull moment.  Christopher wasn’t feeling great, which translates to: lots of whining, crying, and hanging on my leg.  Oh and how could I forget sleeping in our bed.  I admire all of you co-sleeping parents out there but good Lord, I hate my kids in my bed.  I get kicked and punched and basically never get a minute of sleep.  It’s just the worst.  At the point Christopher finally got comfortable, I decided to let him have my spot, and go sleep on the floor in his (and Travis’) room.

Then there is the what seems like every weekend adventure, a birthday party.  A friend of ours daughter was turning 2, of course I wanted to go.  Don’t get me wrong baby’s/toddlers birthday parties are not as bad when you have kids of your own.  Unfortunately I was just extra tired and with a child who was miserable.  I didn’t get to enjoy seeing and chatting with all of my other adult friends/family as I usually do.  Damn cranky Christopher!  So we made a pretty quick exit.

Then Travis… Yes my darling Travis, he always likes to keep things exciting and interesting.  He had been going inside and outside onto our deck all morning long.  Well we are finally starting to get a little more warmer weather here so that means bugs, flies, and well you name it.  I must have told him 10x to please close the screen every time you come in and out.  Well like any almost 3 year old, he didn’t listen.  So as I’m attempting to do dishes I can see a bird out of the corner of my eye.  Yup there is a friggin bird right in our dining room area.  Jesus!!!  My plan is to open all of our slider doors and shew the bird back out.  Seemed easy in my head.  Well Travis had another plan, he was going to catch it.  So here I am trying to shew the bird in the direction I want and Travis is running at it.  This was a comedy show, for sure.  I keep telling Travis to stay back, but he doesn’t.  The bird finally lands behind the recliner, probably to hide.  Travis gets really close, the bird pops up so fast and flies right at him.  The bird goes just over his head, super close, and finally finds his way out of one of the doors.  Travis says “whoa that scared me”, I said I know me too.  Christopher meanwhile slept through the entire event.

Just another day in the life!



** Pardon the mess on the counter.  All of those items, sugar, baking soda, bread crumbs… Well they are all usually in that corner cabinet you see, however Mr. Christopher loves to pull everything out and dump it onto the floor as I am chasing him! ***

This parenting/adulting thing just isn’t easy!

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