Double Edge Sword

I realize my boys are still very little, I am grateful for that.  I always hear myself saying, stop getting so big.  You’re getting so big so fast.  Slow down!  Yes, I truly feel that way, however think of all of the things I would miss if they actually stayed this little…

The infant stage- Many people love that new baby smell, and just how tiny and precious a newborn is.  True, however for me, this was not my favorite stage, to date.  I love holding & snuggling an infant, but caring for them is so challenging.  Plus the sleep deprivation is a killer.  I see infant pictures of my boys and they make my heart melt and it is hard for me to remember them really being that small.  However I never wished them to be that little again.

As they got to be 8,9, 10 months old, I really loved that stage.  There were lots of giggles, smiles, they could sit up and roll over.  They said Mama and Dada often.  They had become more fun.

As they approached a year to 18 +/- months.  They started being funny little toddlers.  Travis and Christopher each walked right at their first birthdays.  They began speaking more and more.  They started developing a real sense of personality.  They could tell or show you what they wanted, and enjoy playing.  They also starting getting into everything, and I mean everything.  From opening the refrigerator and pouring milk all over the floor, to taking out the flour/salt/sugar from the corner cabinet (that could not be secured) and pouring it out everywhere while running from you. 10847285_10204523482160548_7759957883159199143_o (1) They also seemed to love my tampons from under the bathroom sink.  Christopher has an obsession with water and toilets.  We have lost one iPhone to the throne, as well as having a flood from 12644925_10206593383487645_4142727739261928659_n[1]the running bathroom sink.  It sounds like I never watch what these kids are doing, but I do, but damn they are quick and I swear are in cahoots together!  It’s two against one!

So as I am in the smack dab in the middle of crazy town, I don’t want to rush it along.  Although the thought of them getting bigger doesn’t make me sad either.  Just think if I was able to keep them as they are today, I would miss out on their first time on ice skates (my husband insists they play hockey, like him and Domenic).  I would never get to see their excitement as they head to their first day of school.  I would miss them getting their first hit in T-ball and how proud they would be.  I would miss the first time they had a little girlfriend, and how sweet he treated her.  I would not ever get the chance to see their face light up when they passed their drivers license test.  Proms, uuuggghhh I can’t picture that today, seems like forever away, but I’m sure it will seem like it came in the blink of an eye.  I can’t imagine how handsome they will be.  I would never get to see them graduate high school, or be excited about getting into a college or a job they really wanted.  Then the most amazing part, to see them fall in love, and maybe even have children.  Just the thought makes me tear up.  Many of these are my hopes and dreams, as traditional as they are.  They may have other plans, and that is totally fine with me.  I just can’t imagine not seeing them grow more, or keeping them little forever and never get to see the amazing experiences they still have ahead of them.  I will try to enjoy each stage my little monsters go through, God give me strength through the teenage years!



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  1. it does go by so fast, and you are right even though you do want to keep them little forever, you do get to see so many amazing phases as they grow up. Mine is 14 and I have loved every phase more than the other…so far!


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