Roara — Book Review

This book is adorable!  What I love most is the fact that a dad named Josh and his daughter (2 at the time) created this book, cover to cover, story by Tamara Forge.

This book is written to engage boys as well as girls.  The main character Roara is a girl dinosaur, which is awesome!  The illustrations in this book are vivid, colorful, and just adorable.

You will notice the cover of the book in the photo I provided seems to be a little crinkled, well that is because since receiving the book 2 weeks ago, my boys have wanted us to read it about 100 times.  They love it!  My little guy will even look at the pictures and every time he sees Roara he roars a big loud roar.  So cute!

I provided the links so that you are able to read this little gem yourself.  I hope your little ones enjoy it as much as my boys do  🙂

It can be purchased in many different formats:



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