Apps I love

My boys are almost 3 (in July) and 18 months.  As of right now I have not introduced them to any apps on my iPhone.  The only thing they play with, on the computer, is ABC Mouse.  This post is to tell you about the apps I love, for me, as a mom.

  1. Baby’s Firsts- This app is great.  You can create your baby’s firsts album all digitally and pick and choose your photos, and books layout.  The prices range for the final books, but are adorable.bfa_logo

2) Groovebook- Once a month (for $2.99) you can choose 100 of your photos from your phone or tablet and have them printed in a bound 4×6 booklet.  The photos are not the best quality, however to ensure you get all of those photos off your camera, it is wonderful.  The books are really cute too.logo_groovebook_main


3) Family Organizer — With this app you can link up with everyone in the family.  It has a calendar, a to-do list, journal, shopping lists, recipes, and





4) Mom Maps Free– This app is so cool.  If you have your GPS enabled to this app it will allow you to find parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and indoor play areas, near where you are.  You can add how many miles away you would like it to search, or check for a location by name.  I love it because it is great if you are out of town and looking for something to do.mommaps

5) Finally a new one I just recently discovered, Calm!  I’m sure you can figure out what this is for.  If you need a breather, or just trying to settle down after a long ass day, this app is great.  It is free, you can also pay to have extra features which I haven’t needed yet because the basics work just fine.  calm










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