Day 5 — 30 Day Blog Challange

May 2, 2016  — Proudest Moment

This is a tough one.  Of course giving birth to my children was an amazing moment, but I would say that was more emotional, exciting, happy, more so than proud.  I really enjoy doing small things to pay it forward.  Something to make someone smile.  I did something this past winter that I was proud of (even though it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do).

On my way to work one Friday morning I saw a homeless man sleeping under an overpass.  The temperatures in Rhode Island were way below average.  It was probably about 5 degrees out but with the windchill felt like -15.  Seeing this man out in that kind of cold just broke my heart.  I drove to the closest motor in to see if there was a vacancy.  Sure enough there was.  So I drove back to that underpass and got out and asked the man if he would like to stay in that motel for a couple of nights.  He seemed pretty happy.  Now this is where I was dumb.  I drove him there myself.  He packed (“rolled up”) his belongings, put them in the back of my car and I brought him there.  I paid for 2 nights.  He mentioned it would be the first time in a very long time he would watch T.V.

I mention this story not to get a pat on the back or to recognition, but in hopes that it will inspire others to help people.  A little something might just go a long way for that person, in that moment.  Be kind, show love and respect to all!


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