30 day Blogging Challange

Day 3 — Your Favorite Quote       April 28, 2016  – National Pay It Forward Day (<just an FYI)

My favorite quote is one by Katherine Hepburn:

“If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the fun.”


Katherine was known for being headstrong, and fiercely independent.  To which I can relate!  She consciously decided not to have children.  She felt she was to selfish, and only wanted to focus on herself.  Another point where her and I can relate.  This is something I obviously had a change of heart about later on, but while in my 20’s, and most of my 30’s, I too felt too selfish and did not want the extra responsibility.  She was also famously known for being blunt and outspoken. –  “300 Women Who Changed the World: Katharine Hepburn”. Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved November 19, 2011.

Ask anyone one of my real friends and they will tell you I am the same way.  It is never meant to be hurtful, I just don’t sugar coat things, and I will always tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.

Now after having children, I feel blessed.  Blessed because I have the most beautiful, sweet, crazy, funny, and insane life with my husband and our boys.  A life I could never have imagined before!   *** LOVE ***

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