30 Day Blogging Challange


Day 2 — April 27, 2016          20  ^  Facts About Me

1) I have moved more than anyone I know, 15+ times

2) I have owned more vehicles than anyone I know, on #10

3) Was engaged at the age of 20, knew it was wrong, moved on

4) LOVE blogging, hope I can make a career of it!

5) Had my fist baby at 36

6) Had my second baby 15 months later at 37

7) Got married on 9/10/11 to help my husband remember

8) My eyes are hazel but turn really blue when I cry

9) I have been skydiving

10) I have been to Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico (3 times), & Aruba

11) I want to travel and see much more

12) I have a very complicated family

13) Favorite color is yellow, second favorite is purple

14) I think I was a rockstar in a previous life

15) Played softball for many, many years

16) Loves rock music — Korn, Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit (guilty pleasure)

17) Celebrity crush – Leonardo DiCaprio

18) Would love to retire (or at least be a snow bird) in a warm southern state someday

19) I have lived in Rhode Island my entire life

20) I am extremely stubborn and know how to hold a grudge like no other


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