30 Day Blogging Challange

Day 1 – April 26, 2016  My Blog’s Name


Let me start by saying I do know the correct way to spell parties, as in, we have many parties to attend this weekend.  However partys means something completely different in this blog.  The name of my blog came from what/how my life was, to how my life is now.  So basically the partys over and now I do playdates with my children.

I wanted to be able to connect with parents who love being parents, however realize it is a huge adjustment from life with no kids.  I waited until I was much older to have children because (I wasn’t sure I ever wanted children) I wanted to be selfish, be carefree, and only have myself to worry about.  I would never be the parent who still continues to be selfish after having kids.  I wanted to make sure all of that was out of my system, and to be the best mom I knew how to be.  That doesn’t mean by waiting I am better, or I don’t have #parentfails, it just means I knew I wasn’t ready or with the right person to want to bring amazing kids into this world!  Bringing children into the world when you aren’t ready to give up things for your children, that to me is really when you are being selfish.

So any way, my blog is just meant to be relate-able, fun, share some tips/information.  Most of all, I hope you giggle here and there even if it is at my expense!

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