I was happy to receive a package of Piperoos Everyday Cotton Pads. These 100% organic baby pads have many uses. First I packed one in my car. Why? Well anytime we travel anywhere, I’m lugging a big diaper bag. My boys are still in diapers and packing for them can be a nightmare when you are just trying to get out of the house. The more things I can keep aside in the car the better.

When I brought the boys to the mall the other day, of course we needed to make a trip to the bathroom for a diaper change. At least they had that pull down table that is built into the wall to change them on (sometimes there is nothing). However I always get that really grossed out feeling of putting the boys down on that. I used to buy disposable pads, quick easy, just throw away, but as my boys got bigger, they got more and more difficult to change. So the disposable ones would be in pieces by the time we were done. Now I use a Piperoo. This fabric is amazingly soft, and washable! So now when I lay them on that icky table, I know it isn’t touching their skin.

Another use I have for them, is to lay them where my little guy lays in his crib. I place it where his head rests. That way if he is drooling in his sleep, you don’t have to change the sheets in the morning. Just remove the cotton pad and replace with another. Simple, quick, and easy!

It would be great as a burp clothe too. Here is another tip… Let’s say you go to a friend or family members house and you want to put the baby down on the floor for tummy time, but you know there could be dog hair or cat hair, or whatever else on the floor. Well just put one of these down and claim you want to protect their floors from your baby spitting up or drooling. Sssshhhh your secret is safe with me! 😉

The 100% organic fabric is machine washable, safe for baby, and ecofriendly!


Here are the links where you can find out more information abt the everyday cotton pads by Piperoos.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piperoos

Twitter: https://twitter.com/piperoos2015

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