Our Little Angel

Travis…Travis…Travis!  He is one precious, sweet, innocent, blonde haired, blue eyed boy.  That sweet face is what saves him!  He is all of those things, however he is a terror, chaos creator, tyrant, and mayhem maker.  I need to tell him all the time, “you are not the boss of me”.  When he wants something he wants it “RIGHT NOW”.  He isn’t very nice to his older or younger brothers either.  He tells his older brother he doesn’t like him, and his little brother gets the wrath of his body slams and toy/snack/drink, stealing antics.  This is Travis’ world and we all just living in it.

We are getting close to closing the door on the “terrible twos” and getting ready to enter the “terrifying threes”.  Travis is all boy.  Very active, loves being outside, and wants to use his hammer to fix everything.  He hasn’t learned about duct tape yet.  He wants to help with everything.  Vacuuming, making his own toast, and cleaning anything.  He is going to be very independent someday (at least I pray he will be).

This is what leads to me to my most recent funny story of Travis “helping me”.  This past weekend here in Rhode Island we finally had some spring like weather.  I decided it would be a great time to finally clean out the good old minivan after a long winter.  I brought it to the car wash for the outside, but decided it would be easier to clean the inside at home.  Nothing is ever easier to do at home, with these crazy kids.  While I’m gathering all of the goods to get the interior of the car clean, Travis realizes there will be cleaning going on (really spraying cleaner) and immediately asks to help.  Of course I say yes and we get to it.

I cleaned all of the dashboard and sprayed a few extra squirts of the Armor All for Travis to wipe up.  While he was doing that, I moved to the captains chairs in the back.  As anyone with kids knows, if they are quite for too long, something bad is happening.  So of course I peek back around to the front.  Well there he is, very proud and can’t wait to show me how he “helped” me clean.  He must have sprayed about 25 squirts of Armor All all over my drivers seat (seat).  There was a puddle.  He looks at me with such joy and says “Mommy look what I did!”.  I immediately in my sarcastic voice (which he hasn’t learned anything about yet) say to him “wow, buddy that’s great”.  Oh man, what a mess.  So we work together more to wipe it all up.  We wipe it all up and it looks great.  Just out of curiosity… have you ever used Armor All on your steering wheel?  Yup, gets slippery doesn’t it!  Well now for the last 3 days I have been slip/sliding away on my drivers seat.  Take a corner, I slide side to side, stop quick, nearly fly off the seat.  I laugh every time!

It just makes me realize as much as he can make us all crazy, he is awesome.  I am trying to document all of these funny moments so I can remember them and be able to share them with him again some day.  They grow way too quick, I try to remind myself often to live in the moment and enjoy these times, because before I know it, it will be his car he is cleaning.


Hope you could get a little chuckle out of just another day in the life with Travis!



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