Baby Showers & Registries

This blog is written by me (a real mom), not a company trying to sell you things.


Well these days there seem to be no rules when it comes to baby showers.  Which I love, mostly because I don’t follow rules very well anyway.  However you may see/hear some resistance from the older generations.  They don’t always agree with the “new” ways to have a shower.

  • It is okay to have a Jack & Jill shower.  Both men and women can enjoy each others company while celebrating a new baby.  Most men want nothing to do with this, and that’s fine too.
  • Having a “sprinkle“.  This one is really touchy!  If a person already has a baby, same gender or not, they still have a mini shower.  My personal opinion (having 2 babies) is every baby deserves to be celebrated.  The gifts should be small.  Some examples, diapers, bath soaps/lotions.  A cute outfit, or a small baby toy.  A gift card (doesn’t have to be a large amount).  I do not think it is appropriate for the mom to be (again) to register for gifts.
  • When a mom already has a child/children but years later has another baby, it’s great for them to have a shower (especially if the partner has no children).  Let’s face it after 5 years or more, IF they have kept anything, it has probably expired (car seats expire).  Strollers, cribs, pack & plays, bouncy seats, and car seats are always improving their designs, technology, and safety features.

All of the rules that were made up a 100 years ago, should be tossed out the window (I know the older generations will disagree whole heartily).  Less judgement on new moms, the baby that is on the way is a gift, and can/should be “showered or sprinkled” with love.  It isn’t about the mom, it is about the new baby.


The Baby Registry 

Here are my top 10 items I couldn’t have lived without (many things you think you will need, you won’t and are a huge waste of money)

  1.  Fisher Price Rock & Play (the one that can be plugged in)


2. Baby Play and Activity Mat


3. A Baby Travel System — Car Seat which connects into a stroller


4. A Bouncy Seat  —  which can be moved all around the house


5. Swing — This can sometimes be tricky, not all babies like every kind of swing.  You might be returning a few before you find the right one.  One of my boys loved the Mamaroo and the other only wanted this style swing:


6. Bathtub  — I highly recommend a tub that has an insert of some kind.  It is very difficult to bathe a baby that is slipping all over the tub.

7. A sound Machine, with or without lights


8. A Video Monitor  — It is awesome to be able to check in and see what baby is up to.


9. Infant Mittens  — Your little one might look like they lost a fight to a kitten if they aren’t wearing these while asleep.  Newborns nails are like razors.


10. Humidifier/Vaporizer — There are many to choose from.  As long as it makes the air less dry for baby, that is all that matters.  All the rest of bells and whistles what features it has, all depends on what you like.



Now of course there are other things that are necessities like, a crib, highchair, pack n’ plays, bedding… However believe it or not they all can wait a little bit after baby is born.  Many moms usually get gift cards.  I always suggest they save those until after baby has come, because then you really get a sense of what you need.

Keep the receipt for the breast pump, for one, you may not be able to breast feed, and for two, your medical insurance may pay for it.  Ask around!  I hope you found this blog helpful, if so share it to all of those moms to be out there!  Thanks!


  1. I completely agree that EVERY baby should be celebrated! I think diaper showers are great for second babies or books. I love your list, too! I have a similar post with similar items. 🙂


  2. I have been to a jack and Jill baby shower, it is interesting. I don’t agree with having a shower for every child, that is asking for too much. You can celebrate second and third children with a card and gift upon delivery. If there is a large gap or a multiple birth that is when it is acceptable to have another shower. Just my own opinion. Great post 🙂


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