Yore Ganics



Kim Mendes- Owner of YoreGanics

           Let me start by saying I am not very “crunchy, granola, or whatever else people refer themselves as…”, I do not use all organic products.  My kids and I eat healthy food, but we also eat processed foods.  Chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese, French fries, we eat those too.  Insert GASP here.

So in my last few months of blogging I have been given some products to review and give my honest opinion, and share it all with my readers.

I recently received some organic products from a local vendor in Rhode Island.  I had already been “balmed” by her in the past.

She has an amazing balm that has so many useful purposes.  I mostly use it as a lip balm.  I have a designated one for my boys bums too.  Be careful, that would not be a pretty mess up!! YIKES!  The balm is a clean, not heavy, balm.  Feels great on your lips and doesn’t have a strange after taste.

Two new products I was able to try were the Yore Laundry.  It states on the information card that it works on vomit (plus so many other things).  Well, with 2 toddler boys around, it didn’t take long before I could put it to the test.  Mr. Christopher made a big, dark brown, gross vomit mess, on the shoulder area of my shirt.  I added 3 squirts of the Yore Laundry and washed it.  It came out, all of it.  No funny smell left behind either.  I haven’t had the opportunity to test it on wine or other bodily fluids YET, but I’m sure I will and will do a follow up post!


So this brings me to the second product I tried.  Something I have never even heard of!  Soap Nuts!  They aren’t actually nuts, so don’t worry allergy sufferers.  They are berries that you crack open and throw in your washing machine.  The insides of the berries contains a natural soap/foaming agent, completely natural.  I was skeptical, will  it clean my clothes, does it really foam up?  So I took 5 of the berries, cracked them, put them in a sock and twisted/rolled the sock so they wouldn’t come out.  Since I have a front loading washing machine I was able to see what was happening.  It did get foaming/bubbly.  When the cycle was done there was no smell.  Not a flowery, clean linen, fresh air, or tropical breeze scent.  So if you need to have a smell they are not for you.  However if those smells don’t really measure up for you anyway, well then these berries worked really well.  The clothes were clean, with no heavy smell, just clean.  I was surprised, again because I never knew there was a product like this.  The picture below, tells you all about them and how they work.  Pretty cool, and no harsh chemicals, which I have been trying to avoid with Christopher’s eczema.



She offers an amazing line of many organic products!  You can check out her website at :


and also on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Yoreganics-316394366308/



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