Top Mommy Blogs


Top Mommy Blogs is a great website dedicated to mommy/daddy blogs.  This is an amazing platform to connect with other bloggers as well as be part of a community of people who are interested in many of the same things.

This website also allows visitors to their site to vote for a blog they love.  The blog with the most votes doesn’t win a prize or anything, but gains exposure, followers, and maybe some great opportunities.

Bloggers otherwise known as influencers, can do a really great job working with people, companies, products, places, and events, by promoting their “brand”.  There are so many amazing opportunities out there for bloggers, and by word of mouth, and hard work, a blogger can do some really amazing things.

So please take a moment and vote for me, if you are enjoying my blog.  Just your vote, or by you telling a friend they need to check out someone’s blog, you could be helping that blogger/influencer in ways that you don’t even know about!

My friends and family often ask me, what they can do to help me succeed.  This little article sums it up very well.  The best way is to just visit your friends/family members blog.  Check out their new stories, often added daily or at least weekly.  Share their blog on social media.  Tell others to visit their blog also!!  It’s free and so easy to support, and if they aare like me, they will be forever thankful for that!

**Now let’s see how many of my friends and family “share” this… Come on guys!!!!


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