Real Moms, tell what is the best gift for Mother’s Day

I recently took a poll on my social media accounts.  I asked moms, “What is your favorite gift and/or thing to do for Mother’s Day?”  I had an overwhelming response of moms who left me comments on what means the most to them!

Things to do, the most popular responses were:

  • Go out to eat breakfast/brunch

  • Going out for a nice dinner

  • Sleeping in

  • Buying planting flowers for the yard

  • Going for a nice walk or visiting the beach

  • Having some quiet/alone time

  • Having no plans at all, but enjoy the day with the kids

  • Make plans for a family portrait

Favorite gift ideas, these were the most common:

  • Anything hand made by the kids/keepsakes

  • A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure, hair, or massage

  • A personal letter inside a card (from an adult child)

  • Flowers

  • A clean house

  • Personalized jewelry: mothers ring, charm, child’s birthstone necklace…


I want to include some great links for some AWESOME ideas for gifts for mom!!!  Miss Audrey makes amazing water color pictures, custom, to your needs.  You seriously need to look at her page!  I want to order a few for myself!


Very cool personalized jewelry.  Many picks mom will be sure to love!

family tree


Another great website to customize great, thoughtful, Mother’s Day gifts.  Very reasonable and turn around time is pretty quick!

And… Of course this fun, sarcastic, relaxing, mommy coloring book!  So much fun!  I am doing a giveaway of one of these also!   If you would like to purchase one, to be sure the “mom” in your life gets one, you can order by following this link!



Mother’s Day This Year Is: Sunday May 8, 2016





  1. Great pics! I love the personalized jewelry from Etsy (their coordinates jewelry is such a neat idea.)
    And yes, my favorite gift from my daughter is always something she makes!


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