Party2Playdates|What’s With The Name?

How did I come up with the name Partys2Playdates?  This is a question I get asked often.  While I was thinking of a name I wanted it too tell a story of my “past” life to life now.  In my 20’s, I had some amazing times.  There were trips, concerts, parties, and plenty of girls nights out!  I lived on my own, so I had to be somewhat responsible, but I guess you could say, “work hard, play hard” would have been a good moto for me.

The name Partys2Playdates basically means:  Once upon a time there were parties, but now PARTYS, means; the partys over.

2– Just means from the good old days 2 now.

Playdates:  Well that is just some fancy word people use these days to get together.  In my day I was kicked outside (along with the neighborhood kids) and told to find something to do and don’t come back until the street lights are on.  Simpler times I guess.

So I went from a bit of a wild child to mom, but it took me 36 years to get there!


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