Heaven = Desserts Being Delivered Right To Your Door

I was recently asked by Doorstep Desserts to try out their service and products.  If you know me well, you would know that I was jumping for joy with this opportunity!  I love me some cake!

So my very first package arrived at my door on a Wednesday.  Just by the looks of the outside of the box, I thought this is going to be good!  The box which contains their logo, looks wonderful, professional, and high quality.

As I opened the box I expected there to be all of the ingredients and I would need to get to work baking the product, but oh no, was I wrong.  The chocolate cake (2) were already baked and wrapped  individually, the strawberry filling and icing just had to be spread on it and it was ready to be eaten.  Took me about 5 minutes to put it together and about 3 minutes for everyone to devour their piece.  I have opted for the very other week plan.  They offer weekly, and monthly as well.  I am expecting me second shipment soon.  This time it is chocolate eclair cake.

More pictures and tasting reviews to follow!





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