Why My Toddlers Are My BFF’s

Back before kids, I had a pretty decent social life.  Nights out with my husband, girls nights, parties, and get togethers’.  These days, not so much!  Other than going to work, the grocery store, and a big box store for home goods, I only get out to do kid friendly activities.  My fun time is now taking the boys to playgrounds, zoo, children’s birthday parties, and any kid friendly activities.

Life has changed and it is a good change, a great change actually.  I definitely spend the majority of my time with my toddlers (and work).  They are in the car with me all of the time.  They hear all of the gossip I get, because they hear every phone conversation there is.  They hang out with me in the bathroom and are always poking their heads in the shower at me because they “need me”.  Still working on personal space :/

I can tell them just about anything and they aren’t repeating it all, yet!  Hopefully this won’t come back to bite me in the ass soon! I know I need to be more careful, because I’m bound to get into trouble.  They are who I go dancing with, we have dance parties in our living room.  We do art projects together, watch favorite shows, play music (if that is what you call it), snuggle, build forts, play catch, go for walks, act silly in the car together… The list is endless really.  They are my best friends forever.  I will always be mom, and a parent to them first, not their friend.  They will have plenty of friends, they need their parents.  However right now, in this stage of toddler-hood I am their BFF’s and they are mine.

We do play dates, sometimes, with my other mom friends, but they are very busy too.  Getting together isn’t always easy.  My non-mom friends I really do not get to see much of each other anymore.  They really don’t know my boys, nor make an effort to see them.  It kind of breaks my heart because my boys are missing out on some really great ladies in their life.  My friends too would be amazed on what crazy, fun, goofy, lovable, little boys they are.

So I always remind myself that when shit gets nuts around the house, or when the whining is driving me absolutely crazy, that they are only little for such a short time, and us, being BFF’s, is an awesome place to be!


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