Toys My Boys Love

My boys are 100% outside boys.  They love the dirt, sand, grass, water, dog poop, and anything else they can get their hands on.  However as far as activity toys there are a few that are their absolute favorites right now.

First is this awesome bubble maker.  We have had many bubble makers, however not one has came close to the awesomeness of this one.  It’s called the Gazilion Premium Bubbles Tornado.  This this really does produce a gazillion bubbles!  I highly recommend the same brand of bubble solution with it, seems to work the best!  My kids will chase bubbles for at least 30-45 minutes with this.  Now that is a long time in the toddler world.  We also purchase this often as a birthday gift for other little ones.

Another favorite in our house is Play Doh, yes I know, uuugghhhh the dreaded Play Doh.  However if the kids are kept in an area where it doesn’t matter if a mess happens, this stuff is fantastic.  The boys will play with it for what seems like forever.  They are using their imaginations to make things, and become so excited to show off their final products to me.  We love it and can never have too much.

Finally the last thing my boys are so into right now are beach toys.  They love the shovels and sand pails.  They especially love when I build a castle and they “smash it”!  Along ith using them at the beach, we use them at home too.  We collect things in the buckets, we make mud pies in the shaped pieces, and we use our little shovels to plant flowers.

As you can see nothing on this list is very expensive.  I find the more you spend on toys the less interested the boys seem.  Which is fine by me.  Plus because I now my boys really enjoy all of these things I usually will buy them as presents for other children. beachbucket


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