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Activities and play are so important to a child’s development!  The way you play is important too.  Obviously the age of the child matters, which aligns with ability.  Also every child learns at a different pace, every milestone has a range.  Don’t feel bad if your friend’s baby is doing something yours isn’t just yet, they will, with a little more time.

I will focus on toddler fun.  Ages ranging from 1-4.  There is and endless amount of activities this age group can enjoy.  I actually have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it.  One rule I have, is there are no rules, or right or wrong way to do things (unless they could be hurting themselves or someone else of course, but seriously…Duh) just let them go for it.  It is great to guide them and show them how you are doing it, but let them use their imaginations, and skills to do their own.  Play at this age is an enormous way of how they are learning.  By using their senses and experiences things start to make sense for them.  However you start to use rules, or correct them, or “fix” everything they do, they will not build up their self confidence, which will then make them think they can’t do things on their own.

If you get down on the floor with them and just let them go for it, you may even by surprised as to what they already know.  It really is amazing to see how much they understand even being so little.

I once had a friend (only a short time ago) express his frustration with his 5-6 year old daughter not “getting” the basics of golf and not enjoying it.  He was worried she wouldn’t want to go with him anymore and then completely dislike the sport.  I told him she is not at the age to “get” any of it.  Just take her with you, let her have the club and the ball, and give her the space to do whatever she wants with it.  Believe it or not she will be learning it.  She needs to enjoy it and not feel the pressure of not doing it right, and always being corrected (you know, like that friend you have that always tells you how to play pool, and what shot to take, and how to take it… yeah who wants to play with that guy?) well that is the same for kids.  If she wants to throw the ball, let her.  If she wants to throw the club, let her.  If she wants to twirl around each hole, have her go for it.  Just let her out there with you and enjoy each others company, and you will have a golf partner for life!  That was last season, I’m not sure he took my advice, but I’m sure I’ll hear soon.

Moral of the story, just let kids be kids.  If they are having fun playing, they are learning.  They do not need fancy toys or expensive “learning tools”, they just need you and anything around they can touch and use their imaginations with.  Just like when we were kids, the pots and pans were always my favorite thing, or that big box that toy came in.  So again no worries mom/dad if they aren’t catching the ball yet, like _______X______, they will get there!

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