Little Feet Do Not Last Forever

Oh these little toes, I could just bite them!  Who am I kidding I do bite them, all the time.  These precious little feet and his little tiny hands are getting bigger every day.  It is so sad to a parent to think of their little baby growing up, and as we all know it happens so fast.  For this reason (it’s selfish I know) I try to find time at least once a month to do a craft that will capture their tiny little feet and hands.  You could say I do it because they love doing it, but they don’t.  Travis enjoys it, I mean what almost 3 year old doesn’t love making a mess.  However Christopher usually cries every time.  He hates the paint on his toes, it is a fight to have him keep him hand open while I’m trying to get the hand print.  Then my attempt to get them both cleaned up before they track it all over the house, usually a BIG fail.

So picture this, 1 mom, 1 toddler boy almost 3, another toddler boy almost 18 months, working to make lovely keepsake art projects… One screaming and crying, the other touching every paint color and brush that is out.  He is a “big boy” though and that is why he can paint everything he sees, and I mean everything.  Then mom starts chasing toddler #1 around the house to get 3 paint brushes loaded with paint on them away from said toddler.  Toddler #2 is stuck in his high chair (mom has a little sense) crying so loud because he wants the paint off his feet, he can touch his feet with his hands while in the high chair.  Of course he does and then he will proceed to put any paint on his fingers in his mouth, (oh well, thankfully it’s non-toxic) hair, eyeballs…

Holy shit are we done yet?!?!?!  Yes we are done, as we are going to be, great job boys, now go play.  I need a drink, Jesus, that was crazy!  However now I have a keepsake that will last forever of those little feet and little hands, that won’t be so little sooner than I want.  I’m sure when I look back 5, 10, 15, years at these projects my heart will melt, over and over again.  That is why I do it, for me, and well maybe their future soulmate!feet-619399__340

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