Hooray For Sunblock

I bought this adorable swim suit at The Children’s Place today for my little guy Christopher.  As I was paying for it, I noticed the SPF 50 tag on it.  It reminded me that it is that time of year to get a few new bottles of sunscreen.  Then I start drifting off because that’s what I always do) I start thinking how it is almost April, and because we live in Rhode Island, the weather does not always measure up to what the calendar says.  It is still cold for the most part here, but spring and summer really are on the way!


​Then my brain starts to think back of being a teenager, this time of year meant school was almost done, and endless summer days & nights were so close.  In the summer I spent most of my time at a friends house, we would spend hours and hours just hanging around her pool.  It made me think of how different everything was… I started to wonder how much SUN IN did we use in our hair (which would be a lovely shade of orange until October) and how many gallons of BABY OIL did we use to get that golden tan???…  If only I knew then what I know now!

When I had my first baby it was July 2013, it was during an extended heat wave where we saw temperatures 95+ for over a week straight.  I didn’t use sunblock on Travis that first year, he was just a newborn, so he was always kept out of the sun.  However I remember thinking all that really mattered in a sunscreen was how high the SPF was.  Well I was wrong.  Many of my mom friends and especially my friend Melissa (she works in a cosmetic surgery office) had to teach me one other important fact.  What we should all be looking for as active ingredients in a sunscreen.  The ingredients you want to find on that label are:


These ingredients are the safest and less allergenic.  When you start shopping and checking labels of those famous brands you will probably be shocked, as I was, as to how many do NOT use these ingredients.

I have included a list of sunscreens that I use:

  • California Babies
  • Neutrogena Pure and Free
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Badger
  • Babyganics — Babies R Us brand

I also included links below so you can check out the ingredients yourself, and purchase.

***Please remember sunscreen should be worn during any everyday activities.  Hats and sunglasses are also an important way to protect your children (and yourself).






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