My Baby’s Belly *Constipation*

Let me start by stating I am NOT a doctor, I do not have a medical degree, nor do I pretend to be.  I am just a mom sharing her experience with baby constipation.  I will share my son’s experience and what helped us tremendously.  Please consult your doctor/pediatrician prior to any change in diet or medication.

It started with my second son, Christopher.  He was around 4-6 months old, just as we were transitioning to “solid” foods.  Baby rice, oatmeal, with fruits and veggies, were what we started with as well as continuing formula throughout the day and night.  We needed to use Nutramigen formula (liquid gold as it’s called) because both of my boys experienced an intolerance to cows milk protein.

As we started transitioning Christopher, I noticed a change in his demeanor.  He was fussy, and seemed uncomfortable.  After a couple of days I realized he had not had any poopy diapers.  This was not the norm for him.  He started to eat less, and take less in his bottle.  After eating seemed to be when things got uncomfortable for the poor lil guy.  His belly became as hard as a rock and you could tell he had to go, but he just couldn’t.  It is terrible to see him in such pain.  He wouldstruggle so hard to have any poop come out, if it did, it was hard masses of poop.  Rock hard, painful for him to get it out.  Painful for me to watch helplessly!

So I did call and ask his doctor what I could do.  He mentioned giving him some diluted apple juice.  That is what we did, didn’t work.  My sisters daughter had some similar issues when she was little so I asked my sister what she did, she used Miralax in her bottles.  I was a little nervous trying that so I held off.

So what I did do which finally worked, is a gave him 4-5 oz of straight Pear Juice (Gerber brand).  I also just to “get him going” used a glycerin suppository.  The suppository worked wonders!  It is very stressful to use because you can tell it is hard for him to go, but once he started, and finished, he had so much relief.  I recommend having an old towel handy as well as Nytrile gloves.  It can get very messy!  Once I knew he was cleaned out we started with a new daily regiment.  It included 2 bottles of pear or apple juice (4-6 oz each time – not diluted).  The whole bottle does not need to be drank all at once, it can be throughout the day.  Also every day a YoBaby organic baby yogurt.  These two things are in addition to his regular diet.  I believe we had to use the suppositories a total of 3 times (over the course of a month) but then with implementing the yogurt and juice, he was finally going regularly again.

Foods we did avoid at this time were:

*Baby rice — we only used baby oatmeal



At 12-14 months he was eating all of these foods again with no issues.

I hope you find this helpful, it worked wonders for us.  I hope it works for you too!Let me


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