Learn the Art to have Fun on a Budget

Who doesn’t wish to live a luxurious life? However, when you have a family, it becomes essential to live within your means. In fact, you have to look for ways to fit budget and fun in the same sentence. Once you learn the art, you will find, loads of fun is possible even while living on a shoestring budget.  Here are five useful tips to make budgeting a fun-filled game rather than an obligation.

Have fun for free

There are so many things under the sun that come free of cost. You can have fun with these things and not even spend a single penny. For instance, over the weekend, you can go for a picnic in the neighborhood park with your family and friends. Make it a fun fest with games like Frisbee rounders’, hide and seek, treasure hunt and blanket volleyball. How about touring the neighborhood on foot or cycle? Isn’t it a great way to stay healthy too? Browse through the community calendar carefully, you’re sure to find some free family events as concerts, hike tours, art walks and behind-the scenes tours. Public library, museums, beaches and zoos are also some good places to have fun without spending a dime. If you learn the art to keep an eye on good free things, fun won’t be far away.

Do away with useless expenses

For the big meeting in the office tomorrow, you have nothing good to wear. Think again! Explore your closet prudently and also unleash your creativity. While implementing mix and match technique, you can re-create your old dress aesthetically for the big meeting. In the same way, instead of buying new gifts for various occasions, you can re-gift something you’ve never used. Additionally, you can also create an impressive handcraft to add a more personal touch. There are a few money bills which you cannot exempt like rent and food bills. For the remaining expenses, you should always look for way to reduce them. For instance, in the place of eating out, learn to cook a new delicacy and enjoy it with your family at home. Likewise, instead of investing in new exercise equipment, buy a used one from eBay or find an alternative form of workout.

Unearth money hidden in your home

Delve into the nooks and corners of your home and you’re sure to find plenty of stuff lying unused. A stack of books that you read long ago, clothes that don’t fit and useless kitchen gadgets and utensils. You can convert these items into money simply by selling them off on Craiglist or eBay. Decluttering is a good way to shed off excessive burden from your home as well as set free the money stuck in things that are of no use for you. So, start exploring your closets, basement and garage to pile up all the items that you no longer use and sell them off to raise money which you can use to buy better and more useful things. If buying is not on your agenda, save the money for a family vacation.  So, you have learnt yet another way to have fun on a budget, isn’t it?

Get motivated

It’s not easy to maintain the momentum alone. When someone else is also on the same boat, both of you can motivate each other and prevent anyone from losing track. Find some like-minded friends, create a group, share your progress and establish new targets for each week or at least a month. Whenever you learn a new trick to have fun on a budget do remember to share it with your group. Internet is also a great resource to find people of one mind. Your virtual friends can also inspire you to indulge in fun-filled activities that aren’t exorbitantly expensive. Always be on the lookout of people who inspire and encourage because budgeting isn’t an easy proposition.

Track your success

Do away with paper and pen, use apps to track your success. They provide a better way to stick to your budgeting goals. Digit, Qapital, Fudget, DollarBird, BillGuard, Personal Capital, Penny and Mint are some free-to-use apps that can help you to change your financial behavior and thereby motivate you to plan better and save more. These apps are many time better than paper and pen. They make budgeting fun.

Conclusion: Little by little you can create a large pool of funds that you can use to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. While you’re are saving money, you needn’t be harsh to yourself or your family. Look around carefully and you’re sure to find inexpensive and free ways to have fun each day. So, get ready to make budgeting an essential part of your life.

About the Author

Mary Brown, writer for Admiremoms.com

Kids are the center of her universe, but still Mary finds time to pursue her hobbies which include crocheting, sewing and gardening. She loves to socialize and dreams of traveling the world. Her

work-from-home job not just gives her the sense of accomplishment, but also ample amount of time

which she prefers to spend with her children. As a mom and lady of the house, Mary knows the

challenges a woman face while shouldering both these responsibilities competently. Through her

writings, she intends to inspire women to live a more fulfilling life where apart from being a mother

and wife, they have a unique identity of their own.

Admire moms is a platform for creative and innovative mothers to have a safe space to collaborate

on what matters most to them. It is a place for women and mothers to hangout, share advice and

have fun. Additionally, it is a platform in which moms can inspire others! Our mission is to unlock

creativity by teaching, inspiring, and supporting our community while connecting our readers with

products and ideas to inspire your daily life.

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