Light It Up Blue

We are now 3 days away from Light It Up Blue!  April is Autism Awareness month.  A very special month for me as well as my family.  We are involved in many community activities to help raise awareness.  My nephew Kaiden is an amazing 8 year old boy who has Autism, but that is not what defines him!  He is the reason why this cause is so important to us.

You can do anything on April 2nd to show your support and help raise awareness.

1) Wear the color blue that day

2) Purchase an inexpensive blue light bulb (places like Home Depot, Lowes, and Walmart carry them) and shine the light bright outside your home.

3) You can find a local or national charity to donate to.

4) You could have your children do an art project, using a blue theme, and show it off on social media.

5) I might be adding some blue hair extensions in (just for the month of April), people will ask why I have blue hair, and I’ll be excited to explain why!

6) Get information about a local organization that helps families with Autism, see what events they will be having this month (they will be having some) and get out there and join them or volunteer.  Maybe it’s a walk, or a bowling night, or a gala, get out and have some fun!

I have included some links below that will not only give you more information about Autism, but also how you can get involved, or even donate!  April 2nd LIGHT IT UP BLUE!

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